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A few years ago, I started a tradition for my followers called the 12 Days of Christmas for Writers. It's a wonderful way to assess the last year and to start the new year with illumination, optimism, and inspiration. And, who couldn't use a little more of those things?

You’ll receive daily, bite-size surprises such as:

  • Exercises to evaluate and integrate your previous writing year so you are ready for the new one.
  • Tools to illuminate successes in order to go even further in your writing.
  • How to write through tough times.
  • How to keep the fun and whimsy in your life and in your writing.
  • Resources, Inspiration, Tips, and More!

What you will not find in this email series:

  • Browbeating
  • Lectures
  • Prescriptive programs
  • Sales pitches

Hope you'll join us!


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